Believe it or not!

Have you or someone you know ever ran away from a husband who beat you, threw boiling water on you, gave you a sexually transmitted disease, and announced that he would marry his mistress?

Have you or someone you know ever been drugged and forced into prostitution by an adopted family?

Have you or someone you know ever been kidnapped off the street by a stalker who decides he wants to marry you?

Chances are the answers to the above questions are–no! But, if you lived in Afghanistan you might well answer “yes.” Indeed, Afghan women to whom this has happened were charged with moral crimes and imprisoned. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

“Ten years after the fall of Taliban rule, abuses against women and girls are widespread, and redress limited or nonexistent” states a report just released by Human Rights Watch.

Should the U.S. stay in Afghanistan and change this culture?



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