Living the American Dream
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The American Dream has long been held out as one of the key qualities that makes America an exception in world history. Some contend that it is an idea and ideal that has shaped the nation’s destiny. Are you pursuing the American Dream? Have you lived the American Dream? Is the American Dream still alive? Or is it history? Is America the land of hope, freedom, and the good life?

Or, consider this description of the American Dream. You own a $2.1 million luxury motor home, two horse breeding farms with more than 400 horses, more than a dozen trucks and trailers, a pontoon boat, ¬†and multiple houses, one in Illinois and the other in Florida–not bad, huh? Oh, you are a salaried appointed local government official in a community of 15,000 and you did not inherit money, marry money, or win the lotto. Hmmm–where did you find the means to live the American Dream?

Sticky fingers? Yup, you are the city comptroller and treasurer and a creative bookkeeper. See for yourself: New York Times, November 15, 2012, p. A19.

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